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Places to Visit in Cambodia

Places To Visit

Kompong Cham

Once the most cosmopolitan town in Cambodia and a bustling economic center with a large population of Cham Muslims, the town of Kompong Cham now enjoys a laid-back vibe with an old-world, unhurried charm along the banks of the Mekong.


Sitting on the banks of the Mekong is the idyllic and charming town of Kratie. It is relatively remote and there is no presence of large-scale tourism. It is, however, popular for backpackers during high season.

Tonle Sap Lake

Known as "The Beating Heart of Cambodia" due to a great natural phenomenon that happens annually. During the dry season, the Tonle Sap Lake is serene but when the monsoon season arrives, the lake can swell up to 5 times more than its size, in some places it swells from 1 meter to 10.


Battambang, Cambodia's second-largest city is the confluence of progress and tradition that blends perfectly together, giving tourists a best-of-both-worlds experience. Stepping into Battambang is akin to stepping back in time due to its well-preserved colonial architecture and its ancient temples and Buddhist shrines.

Cardamom Mountains

For those looking for an expedition, the Cardamom Mountains are the ideal place to go on a backpacking adventure. It is not one single site but an entire region that encompasses the provinces of Battambang, Koh Kong, Pursat, Kampong Speu, Kampot, Kep, Pailin, and Sihanoukville.

Koh Rong Samloem

Though the smaller of the two Rong islands, Koh Rong Samloem packs a mean punch for travelers who want to experience an untouched island that's mostly peaceful but explodes when it hosts full moon parties for the ages.


In every major city, there is a backpacker street but Cambodia takes this seriously as there is a town dedicated solely for backpackers, the coastal capital of the Southwest - Sihanoukville.


Along with Kep, Kampot is another town that has had the misfortune of being eclipsed by the rise of Sihanoukville but all the more one should visit as it is a vibrant destination with a relaxing riverside setting that has plenty of good bars, restaurants, and music.


If Cambodia had a ghost city, Kep would be the closest one to claim that title. Not that it's uninhabited or haunted, it just has a lot of the remnants of the past that are now engulfed in nature. Kep used to be several things.

Bokor Mountain

This is the unmissable destination when traveling to the town of Kampot as its base is located just 8 km away. The main attraction is the Bokor Hill which was a French retreat station during the 1920s when they wanted to escape the heat.

Koh Rong Island

Tourists looking for an alternative to the lively and pulsating nature of Sihanoukville will be well pleased to know that there are beaches that are devoid of parties and a number of the most beautiful ones could be located in Cambodia's second-biggest island, Koh Rong which is one-hour boat away from Sihanoukville.

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