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Ratanakiri and its capital of Banlung are located in the northeast corner of Cambodia, bordering Laos and Vietnam. Years of logging have slowly chipped away at what was once a province filled with lush pristine dense jungles but the remnants of those activities are still worth the visit.


Banlung is the natural starting point for travelers where one can get their accommodations, go shopping at the Phsar Banlung market, and sample local eateries. Do note that, although tempting for thrill-seekers, one should not eat the wildlife that was poached by the locals. From Banlung, the best way to experience the province is by renting a motorbike and hiring a guide to do different activities. The Virachey National Park is also a feasible trip where you could see the stunning Yak Lom crater. The province is home to a lot of ethnic minorities and different hill tribes whose cultures remain sacred so visiting them would be quite an experience but best to be mindful to not disturb their long-standing customs and traditions.


Ratanakari is a very Do-It-Yourself affair as the province is just slowly getting its formal tourism developed. And for the brave, nothing beats the thrill of exploring a place that you did your way.