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“Welcome to the Wild East!” If Mondulkiri would be given an English slogan it would be that because it’s the best way to describe it. This province is a nature lover’s paradise as it is devoid of most modern development, leaving it an untouched destination that has preserved its flora and fauna quite well. Its literal translation means “meeting of the hills” and is the most sparsely populated area of Cambodia, perfect for travelers who like exploring an unknown frontier. The land is covered in dense hills, thick jungles, and hidden waterfalls perfect for adventure seekers.


But the main draw of Mondulkiri is meeting its elephants. The province is home to several conservation projects aimed at protecting these creatures and giving them the space to be in their most natural habitat. It is recommended that the best way to see the elephants is by booking a tour with them while also supporting their efforts. The main ones under the Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment NGO are the Mondulkiri Project and the Elephant Valley Project.


Other attractions are the Sen Monorom Village and the Bou Sraa and Monorom Waterfalls which are close to the village.