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Sitting on the banks of the Mekong is the idyllic and charming town of Kratie. It is relatively remote and there is no presence of large-scale tourism. It is, however, popular for backpackers during high season. The highlight of Kratie is getting a glimpse of its dolphins, particularly the critically endangered Mekong Irrawaddy dolphins who are located near the town.


But before heading off to visit these sea mammals, the town is worth exploring and could be done easily on foot or two wheels. Take in the peacefulness and make sure to visit the lovely Koh Trong Island facing the town’s riverfront. Floating villages, beautiful beaches, stunning views of the Mekong, and lots of trees are what you could expect in the 9 km stretch of the island.


The main attraction lies 20 km from Kratie in the village of Kampi where you could hire about to meet the Irrawady dolphins but do make sure to follow the marine safety guidelines. On the way back to town, you can opt to visit Phnom Sombok, and should you wish to explore further, 40 km away is the pre-Angkorian settlement of Sambor. Other activities around are the Mekong Discovery Trail, Turtle Sanctuary, birdwatching (spot the Mekong Wagtail), and kayaking.





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