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Kompong Cham


Once the most cosmopolitan town in Cambodia and a bustling economic center with a large population of Cham Muslims, the town of Kompong Cham now enjoys a laid-back vibe with an old-world, unhurried charm along the banks of the Mekong. It is best known for being untouristy and holds several interesting Angkorian and pre-Angkorian sites. The city center is easily walkable and you’ll easily find yourself admiring the French colonial architecture and spending a considerable amount of time in the restaurants and cafes that are spread across the riverfront.


Right outside town is the ancient Angkorian temple of Nokor Wat which is nicely accentuated with elaborate paintings but also holds bones and skulls which remnants of the Khmer Rouge genocide. Phnom Hann Chey is another good place as it is a temple on top of a hill with great views of the Cambodian landscape and the river below. Best viewed during sunrise. Other hilltop destinations that are worth checking out are the religious complex of Phnom Bpros Phnom Srei.


River trips are also possible and are a great alternative to tuk-tuks or motorbike rentals, as well as time savers if you want to visit destinations like the Wat Maha Leap, the Prei Chung Kran Village, the Bamboo Bridge, and the Koh Paen Island, and the aforementioned Phnom Hann Chey.





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