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If Cambodia had a ghost city, Kep would be the closest one to claim that title. Not that it’s uninhabited or haunted, it just has a lot of the remnants of the past that are now engulfed in nature. Kep used to be several things. First, the playground of the Khmer elite who had seaside villas and grand houses built there then later on an affluent seaside resort but with the rise of Sihanoukville, visitors moved on but its charm remained.

Visitors come to Kep not just to imagine its former glory but to partake in its food culture, particularly its fresh crabs which is what hordes of tourists, both local and foreign flock to during the weekends. One can experience this best via the famous crab market, Psar D’Kam and once satisfied with your haul, 1 km away is the Kep Beach where you can have a seaside meal. However, the noteworthy beaches here are Koh Tonsay and which is a boat ride away and Angkaul Beach which is close to the Vietnamese border. For a more nature-oriented trip, tourists can opt for the Kep National Park or the Anlung Pring Protected Landscape.





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