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Discover the Best Beaches and Beach Resorts Near Ho Chi Minh City

Sai Gon (or Ho Chi Minh City), known as a cosmopolitan and culturally dynamic city, is chosen by most guests as the first destination in a journey to discover Vietnam. Near the city, ... Read more


  • June 11, 2024
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Sai Gon (or Ho Chi Minh City), known as a cosmopolitan and culturally dynamic city, is chosen by most guests as the first destination in a journey to discover Vietnam. Near the city, there are beaches with a picturesque landscape and opulent accommodations that take about 2 hours of driving only. Just bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, and this travel guide of the best beaches near Ho Chi Minh City and luxurious beach resorts for a vacation in dream… 

The beaches near Ho Chi Minh City are enticing to any visitors matter they come for a relaxing holiday or a thrilling adventure. For foreign visitors, it cannot be more convenient to plan a few-day-stay in the country, starting with an arrival at one of Vietnam’s largest international airports, Tan Son Nhat, in Sai Gon, then enjoying the hustle vibe, and nightlife in this before traveling only few hours to the beaches to immerse in a tropical paradise. And, if you are an expat or even a local citizen, this guide is still perfect for you to get a weekend away. For diverse demands, here is a list of the 5 nearest beaches to Ho Chi Minh City with suggested activities mentioned, followed by a note down of the 5-star beach resorts nearby. 

Check it out the beaches near Ho Chi Minh city:

  • Vung Tau – A get-away to the nearest beach to Ho Chi Minh city 

Proximity: 2 hours of driving by cars, or 2 hours of traveling by fast ferry from Ho Chi Minh city’s port (Ben Nghe, District 1) 

It must be the first place in this list due to its convenience en route from Ho Chi Minh City and beautiful beaches along the country’s coastline. Beaches to go: The Front Beach, The Back Beach, An Loc Beach, Bai Dau Beach. And, don’t skip:

Vung Tau’s panorama view from the Jesus Christ Statue

 The Jesus Christ Statue, the highest Jesus statue in Asia, is located at 01 Ba Ria; 

Or, The Vung Tau Lighthouse, a symbol of the city with a view to the blue ocean and ocean breeze, located at 40 Hai Dang, Vung Tau, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province

Vung Tau Lighthouse, a symbol of Vung Tau

In terms of activities, there are adventurous kitesurfing, windsurfing, water-skiing, etc. A food journey to unwrap theatrical dishes like Stingray Hotpot, Seabass, Vung Tau style Banh Khot (mini pancake), Crispy Pancake, and seafood. 

  • Long Hai – The beauty of nature 

Proximity: 2 hours of driving by cars from Ho Chi Minh city, 40 minutes of driving from Vung Tau city 

The highlights are pristine sand, crystal clear water, and a scene of the peaceful fishing villages for you to spend a whole day at the beach with a true feeling of relaxation. Places to unwrap this destination’s charm:

Long Hai Beach and its beauty

Minh Dam Mountain: A scenic mountain, 355 meters in height, is famous not only for its lush green forests and countless stone caves but also for its rich history, as a revolutionary base during Vietnam’s marathon struggle for independence.  Location: 6 kilometers on the northeast of Long Hai.

Dinh Co Temple (or the Lady Palace): Attract the visitor with its architecture, elaborately carved images on the altar, the beauty of the Long Hai coastline, and the spiritual value of the local people. Location: Hai Ba Trung Street, Long Hai, Long Den, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province.

Dinh Co Temples showing a local spiritual value
  • Ho Tram Beach, a destination for you get-away

Proximity: 2.5 hours of driving by cars from Ho Chi Minh city, 1.5 hours of driving from Vung Tau city

If you are dreaming about a beach vacation in which your day is well spent with blue water, fine sand, and fresh air, Ho Tram is the right destination of a list in your pocket. This place is also famous for lavish resorts in front of the beach.  A plan for a Ho Tram dream is listed: 

Ho Tram Beam, a destination for a get-away

Ho Tram strip: Traveling along the Ho Tram strip (30 kilometers along the coastline) is just like magic coming true, with the scenery, the ocean breeze, and crystal clear water to immerse into. 

Binh Chau Hot Spring: A must-visit mineral resort offering an experience of deep relaxation with mineral bathing and spa services, concentrating on a balance in mind, body, and spirit. Location: Binh Chau, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province; Entrance free: US$1.30/ adult

Binh Chau – a destination of wellness
  • Mui Ne Beach, into the nature wonder 

Proximity: About 4-5 hours of driving by cars from Ho Chi Minh city. 

Mui Ne Beach is also one of the nearest beaches to Ho Chi Minh City. This destination has so many pleasant places to explore, and a few days may be short for the ones who are enthusiastic about sea sports, nature discovery, and cultural exploration. Your adventure may begin with:  

A discovery of the White Sand Dune and the Red Sand Dune: These dunes are famous for their exotic beauty. For activities, just spend a full day taking an adventurous jeep car drive through the dunes, or surfing from the top downside of the sand surface. Location: 65 kilometers on the North-East from Phan Thiet city (reaching Mui Ne).

Sand dunes in Mui Ne

An exploration of the Fairy Stream: A checkpoint that any true adventurer will not miss for a memorable experience of discovering the magic of a nature wonder and immersing into the grace of a following stream. Location: From Duong village flows through Ham Tien wards, total length of 1.8 kilometers; Ticket price: US$1/ adult 

An exploration to the Fairy Stream

 An exhilarating experience of kitesurfing: Mui Ne has perfect weather for the kitesurfing to conquer the waves, and to soak in the ocean enjoying with all senses (available on Mui Ne beach, prices vary by services).

An exhilarating experience of kitesurfing
  • Ke Ga Beach, a hidden gem of the South 

Proximity: About 4 hours of driving by cars from Ho Chi Minh city. 

Visiting Ke Ga beach, visitors will find a hidden gem where the tranquility in scenery and a vibe allure anyone coming to this place. It is also known for sunning the lighthouse and how its beauty is preserved without much of a commercialized setting. Once the visitors travel to the land, why not miss: 

Ke Ga Beach’s beauty

Ke Ga Lighthouse: It is the oldest one in Southeast Asia which was constructed in 1897, on a rocky islet off the coast of Ke Ga, surrounded by the vast scene of the ocean. Location Thuan Quy Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province; Entrance ticket from US$2-US$4/ adult. 

Besides the lighthouse, there are points to check in like the rocky outcrops, and especially fishing villages scattered around this hidden gem. 

Best beach resorts near Ho Chi Minh city:

A beach vacation dream will not be perfect without unparalleled hotels and resorts set just in front of the beach with a view of the ocean, a sunrise, and a sunset. Here are 5-star beach resorts near Ho Chi Minh City for you not to miss a spot! 

Fusion Suites Vung Tau (Vung Tau): Promising an experience of coastal calm, Fusion Suites Vung Tau is a nice place for couples and families to have an enjoyable summer vacation. Owning several options of accommodations including suites with a city or ocean view, studios with balcony, apartments, and a penthouse of 3 bedrooms, designed in fresh blue and white color, guests have a comfortable stay. It also provides personalized services, an exclusive package for a honeymoon holiday, a dining offering of diverse options, and massages.     

Fusion Suites Vung Tau

Anoasis Resort Long Hai (Long Hai): The resort is like an oasis, or a Santorini in Long Hai, for guests escaping away from their daily worries to heal all the pressure by nature healing, crafted for diverse guests from a small group of friends, couples, and families. There are 60 bungalows and villas, having up to 4 bedrooms,  with a view to the garden, pool, or ocean to choose from. Additional benefits include offerings at the My Oasis restaurant, Blue Wave bar, a tennis ground for outdoor activities, a swimming time at the pool, and a beachfront. 

Anoasis Resort Long Hai (Long Hai)

 The Grand Ho Tram Strip (Ho Tram): Located in Ho Tram, it is an exceptional accommodation for family and friends stay through a great holiday. The guests will never get bored, as this complex includes many, from a casino or golf course for the parents, and kid corners for the children. The location is perfect, the beachfront, amenities are extensive, and you cannot count all of the options for entertainment and dining.  

Anoasis Resort Long Hai (Long Hai)

Ho Tram Boutique Resort & Spa (Ho Tram): If Vietnam attracts you with a tropical vibe, the resort is for you to be surrounded by its architecture with crafted wood furniture, brick wood, and Bat Trang ceramic tile. This eco-friendly resort offers a vast array of relaxed spas, tranquil services, and dining experiences that are superb for a romantic vacation for couples, or a chilled get-away for a small family. It contains 87 rooms, a bungalow, and pool villas for absolute private moments. Food & beverage choices will not disappoint guests with BBQ at the weekend or divergent cuisine at the Gecko restaurant, light bites at the lounge, and charming cocktails at the beach bar. 

Ho Tram Boutique Resort & Spa (Ho Tram)

Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort (Ho Tram): This resort invites the guests an experience the essence of Mediterranean luxury in the East Sea with first-class facilities, delicate hospitality services, and thoughtful preparation for wellness. The facilities and accommodations are created perfectly for the families’ stays, with options of Deluxe rooms, Family Suites, and apartments with bedrooms, and a view of the garden or the ocean. Activities including spa, fitness, family day trip, and children’s corners prove this place as a hospitality heaven for families.  

Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort

Angsana Ho Tram Resort: It is such an idyllic hideaway in Ho Tram that is located near Binh Chau where the guests may visit for mineral bathing services. The resort’s charm comes from its surrounding green tree, 106 suites, and a pool in the center where you will spend precious moments shared with your partners, children, or loved ones. The highlights guests cannot miss are arts & crafts activities for the children, sports classes, movie nights, foam parties for the “little ones”, and others to explore!

Angsana Ho Tram Resort

Anantara Mui Ne Resort (Mui Ne): This place will absolutely impress you with its exquisite design blending Vietnamese tradition and contemporary luxury. Located in Mui Ne, the resort provides spa services, a beachfront villa, and a journey of fine dining at restaurants and bars. What a perfect place for a romantic vacation for a honeymoon or an escape with your partners to the far-flung beach in Vietnam.

Anantara Mui Ne Resort (Mui Ne)

Centara Mirage Resort Mui Ne: A must-visit resort, which is designed with a concept of voyages of discovery, offers 948 rooms and villas nestled in the flower garden, for your family’s vacation to treasure. Inspired by its theme, activities here are fascinating for the children to play around all day long with the E-zone game center, the adventurous La Aventura playground, and the Fantasia Recreation Pool Complex.

Centara Mirage Resort Mui Ne

The Anam Mui Ne: A beautiful 5-star resort, with award-winning cuisine and spa treatment, will allow guests to fall in love with the Indochine charm, modern luxury, and experiences of intimacy. Many of the guests visiting here admire the hospitality provided by associates while staying in comfortable accommodations among 127 stylish rooms and suites. Besides great services of dining in and spa, The Anam Mui Ne also offers cultural explorations to the destinations nearby. 

The Anam Mui Ne

Azerai Ke Ga Beach Resort (Ke Ga Beach): Last spot but totally not least, this accommodation is a deluded beachfront retreat with spacious pavilions open to the terraces, and the gardens, while all details are set elegantly. Imagine staying here for a few days with your half one, the vibe in this resort cannot be more intimate for couples, with services of wellness, fine-dining choices, and a dear rooms’ setup. 

Azerai Ke Ga Beach Resort (Ke Ga Beach)

It’s the guide, now just get on a trip:

Long story short, this guide is for you if you are finding the nearest beaches to Ho Chi Minh city and amazing resorts for memories. You are nearly ready, but it is time to check on the best season for visiting these destinations, some tips, and a suggestion to Vietnamese food heaven. 

The season. 

Following the local advice, the beaches are most beautiful from November to April of the next year, during the dry season. The weather will be cooler than in the summer, and rarely storms appear at this time. That is why guests can freely join in the sea sports and other activities for a day long! 

November to April is the best time in year to travel to the beaches near Ho Chi Minh city

The tip. 

Traveling to Vung Tau, Long Hai, Ho Tram, Mui Ne, and Ke Ga beaches is very easy and convenient, as they are all the nearest beaches to Ho Chi Minh City. 

By car: From Ho Chi Minh City, the guests can get on cars to the route taking about 2-5 hours, depending on the location. There are several agencies providing car services including options of limousine, bus, and other car choices, priced only from US$10/ one route. 

By ferry: If you are traveling to Vung Tau, you can also choose a fast ferry by the Greenlines Ferry (from 7:00 to 17:00) from Ho Chi Minh’s port (Ben Nghe Street, District 1), then travel by car to Long Hai and Ho Tram but it may take a longer time. Price only from US$4/ person/ 1-way. 

The food. 

Of course, why miss exploring a food paradise when coming to Vietnam, and especially to the beaches where the fishing villages are nestled? Just try the freshest seafood from the ocean like sea bass, stingray, snails, and others, cooked the local way such as hot pot, steamed fish, or marinated with fish sauces for a savory aftertaste. Besides, you can also try the local Banh Khot, vermicelli with umami broth, and sweets.

A vacation begins, let us be your partner:

No matter which beach and resort you are interested in, for a relaxed vacation or an adventure, you will have a perfect time in Vietnam, a pearl of Southeast Asia. And, don’t forget you have us, the local guides and experts to navigate you to all the wonderful spots, to plan a perfection, and to craft a bespoke experience. A clear route, convenience, and dedicated preparation are Absolute Asia Travel’s mission to offer any guest. 

See you soon, with a suitcase of sunscreen, sun glasses, and a willingness to explore nature’s beauty. Absolute Asia Travel is your partner, on a vacation in a dream…

You can also share your experiences in Vietnam and expectations in the comment section!

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