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Checklist you should follow before your departure to Vietnam

It’s more enjoyable to travel lightly so make a list of things to bring for your trip to Vietnam. While travelling, keep one eye on your luggage is at all times- particularly your hand bag, camera, etc. Do not leave them unattended or hanging on the back of chairs in restaurants. Petty theft is also common in big cities, especially on crowded trains, buses, and at night markets.

Please find our suggested pre-departure check list as below:

› Travel documents (passport, visas, travel insurance certificate, air tickets, tour/hotel voucher)
› Money (traveler’s cheques, cash, credit card, debit card and money pouch)
› Day pack for your personal needs during the day
› First aid kit
› Medication, including a doctor’s letter if you are carrying a large amount of medication
› Prescription glasses and contact lens solution if required
› Alarm clock
› Flashlight
› Travel plug/international adapter
› Insect repellent
› Refillable water bottle and water purification method
› Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses
› Bathing suit
› Lightweight travel towel
› Ear plugs/eye mask
› Comfortable walking shoes
› Local language phrase book
› Camera, film and/or memory cards with spare batteries
› Personal audio player with spare batteries
› Raincoat/umbrella
› Waterproof jacket
› Sleep sheet for homestays/trains (optional)
› Tampons (difficult to buy in Vietnam)
› Clothes suitable for visiting temples (long pants or long skirts, long sleeved tops)
› Warm clothes for winter months. (Nov to March)

Note: As domestic airlines with Vietnam Airlines or other airlines impose a maximum baggage weight of approximately 20kg, so try to travel light. For journey to Halong Bay and Sapa, you just need brining what are necessary for those side excursions and you can leave your heavy loads at secured storeroom at your hotel in Hanoi.

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