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Why Vietnam is an ideal destination for senior travelers

“With age, comes wisdom. With travel, comes understanding.”- Sandra Lake.

There is a fact that people never stop traveling no matter how old we are. However it may present challenges for senior people without a careful consideration and planning in terms of destination, time and other specific requirements. Vietnam is becoming a hot spot for retired travelers all over the world in current years. And it’s easy to see why. This beautiful country takes pride in scenic landscapes and rich culture. It’s been through an incredible journey of transformation from a war-torn country to a peace-loving one where everyone is welcome with great hospitality regardless of their races and religions. In short, Vietnam appeals on so many levels and here’s why.  

1- The pleasant climate

Climate is another important factor to consider before any trips, especially for senior travelers whose health might be more sensitive to any changes. Fortunately Vietnamese climate is considered a favorable one and even to be recommended for health recovery programs. Due to the long and thin form, this S-shaped country boasts the variable climate zones. Hence, the only question is which type suits you the best. Other than that, it is a year-round destination. In depressing winter months at your home country, it’s a wonderful escape with tropical warmth in the central part. In the unbearable heat of global warming, the highland regions offer you a pleasant getaway.  

2- There’s something for everyone to do and see

One of the best parts about Vietnam is that it has something for everyone. And that’s owing to a huge range of activities. For beach lovers, here comes the coastal city of the central part which has surreal stretches of sand and the marine life. For adventure seekers, you’ll be surprised by plenty of beautiful natural sceneries with different terraces such as islands, caves, dense forests… What about history enthusiasts? This country features lots of places which are loaded with historic traces and heritages to uncover. The list goes on… In short, the ultimate option is doing it all if time is not an issue.

3- The top beaches

Waking up by the ocean everyday is surely the wildest dream for many people. And now that you are able to put all work pressures behind, it’s time to sun yourself or take a dip at a magnificent beach with the crystal clear water or simply enjoying sun-soaked ocean views from your hotel balcony. Apart from over 3,000 km of soft sands and clear waters, Vietnam is still hiding many secluded coves and islets suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving.

4- The great hospitality

There is no doubt that a big part of travelling is to connect with the local community. For young backpackers, it’s party time. For senior travelers, it might be more chilled out with getting to know the culture through some traditions and historical heritages… Vietnamese people earned their good reputation for their great hospitality. Do not surprised if a stranger smiles at you on the street. We all want to be surrounded by friendly company and pleasing vibe, don’t we?

5- The lovely feasts

Vietnam has a good reputation of turning everyone to foodies. And it’s not an overstatement. A lot of worldly famous chefs fall in love with Vietnamese culinary culture since everything was so tasty and fresh, and filled with distinctive flavors. This part alone can be a decisive one to seduce retired travelers who have all the time in the world and also desire a more healthy diet.

6- Affordability

Asian countries are always well-known for the reasonable vacations compared to the Western countries. And Vietnam is no exception. Therefore you end up spending much less than you’d think for a variety of good options from accommodation, featured tours or even high-end services.

7- Safety and the medical infrastructure

People might think of Vietnam as a developing country with poor conditions when it comes to healthcare services. It’s party true in some remote areas of the country where tourism has not developed yet. However, in big cities there are always international hospitals and clinics in case senior travelers may encounter health problems during their stay. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a qualified travel agencies for you will know you’re in good hands. 

In conclusion, Vietnam is a pleasant option for seniors as it hits all the right notes for a great retirement holiday. However it still takes some essential planning to make the best out of your trip considering your health conditions or other concerns… Here’s one of our suggested itinerary which you can have a look. The itinerary can always be customized if you would like a slower pace journey. Let’s touch base with our experts for any further discussions or special requests. 

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