Vietnam is a country that is rich in culture, tradition, and history. A vacation package to Vietnam will open your eyes to a unique environment that compares to no other place. First choose if you’d like to visit the North, Central, South or all three parts of Vietnam. During your Vietnam vacation you can tour Ho Chi Minh City where you’ll learn about the history and architecture of the city. Add a cruise down Halong Bay taking in the sites from a water point of view. Additionally, your Vietnam vacation can take you through a series of connecting tunnels called Cu Chi Tunnels. While in Vietnam you won’t want to miss touring the War Remnants Museum or the Presidential Palace.

When you choose your Vietnam vacation package don’t forget to leave time for tasting the local cuisine. In Vietnam you’ll find food that is unique and popular in their culture. Consider trying local dishes like Pho which is a traditional bowl of noodles, broth, herbs and meat (beef or chicken). If you’re looking for a light meal then crab soup is also on the menu. Stir fried ‘Rau muong’ is a popular Vietnamese dish. Or you could test your sweet tooth by indulging in a glass of Che, which is a dessert of bean jelly, coconut milk, ice and fruit. Whatever your palate may be craving you’re sure to find something satisfying while on your Vietnam vacation.

This year it’s time to think outside of the box for your family vacation. Consider a historical Vietnam vacation package . Your trip will take you through historic cities, beautiful waterways, through the everyday life of local Vietnamese people, and into museums rich with history. Your own education of history will come alive when you actually walk down the streets of Vietnam. Make this year’s vacation a memorable one by choosing either a five, eight, or 14 day Vietnam vacation package. This will be a vacation worth talking about for years to come.