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Thailand Money & Local Currency

Money issue can be stressful for travelers especially when you arrive in a new country for the first time. To ease that worry off your mind, this post will provide you with some basic knowledge of the currency being used in Thailand.

Thailand’s official currency is called the Thai baht and represented in both coins and notes. The most common coin in Thailand is the 10 baht, and the most common note is the 100 baht.

Dollar-Baht Exchange Rate

Always check on some website like to find the most up-to-date exchange rate with your currency to help you build a general picture of the total cost for accommodation, food, any things you plan to buy in this country. At the moment, it is approximately 31 bahts per dollar.

While U.S. dollars is widely accepted in many countries nowadays, it might be a small problem in Thailand as most of the properties don’t accept that.

ATMs & Credit Cards

Due to the thriving of tourism in this country, ATMs can be easily found in everywhere and most of them accept major credit cards. And don’t worry if you don’t exchange your money before you travel, Thai bahts can be withdrawn from an ATM. However, a fee will be likely charged for a foreign card, and additional fees can be expected from your bank at home as well.

Apart from local markets which still require cash, plenty of hotels, restaurants, businesses, and the airport accept major credit cards. The secure technique is exchanging a small amount of money before your trip and the rest can be exchanged at airport currency exchange kiosks or banks due to your specific need and better rate.

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