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Things To Do in Myanmar

Things To Do

There is no destination in Asia which allures travelers quite like Myanmar. This charming country humbly stayed outside the global modernization until recently. Hence, there is no sight of tourist traps or extravagant infrastructure. Instead, your time in Myanmar will be filled up with culture, tradition and breathtaking scenery, from the mystical and majestic plains of Bagan, to the imperial architecture of Mandalay, the glistening temples of Yangon and the extraordinary ecology of Inle Lake. Please be aware that the tourism here is just at the early beginning of development which means the accommodations might not always be cutting-edge. Remember to check the top ones out in our hotels selection which have been inspected thoroughly by our experts. At the same time, isn’t it perfect timing to pay a visit to this unspoiled country? For more details, please browse all following posts or have a quick chat with our experts.

Get Your Dose of Vitamin SEA: The Top 9 Beaches in Myanmar

Get Your Dose of Vitamin SEA: The Top 9 Beaches in Myanmar

The very best beaches in Myanmar rival any in the whole of Southeast Asia. In many ways, the country is the undiscovered gem of the region. Remaining a closed country for decades, it only opened up to tourism in 2012 and has such a lot to offer for those in search of pristine beaches. Myanmar ... Read more
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