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Ban Gioc Water Fall


If you happen to be in the Northeastern part of Vietnam, particularly in the province of Cao Bang, you must be there to visit the grand Ban Gioc Waterfall. But if it was never part of your itinerary, you should revise it immediately to include this wonder of nature – it is the fourth largest waterfall in the world and sits at the country’s border just 30 km from neighboring China. It is 300 meters wide and its massive size is just breathtaking. It has different falls and pools and the surrounding forest area just adds more color to its already captivating appeal. It feels like a paradise of its own, reminiscent of the fictional world in James Cameron’s Avatar.

Ban Gioc is 85 km from the capital of the province Cao Bang city and there is a bus that goes directly to the waterfall at three-hourly intervals in the morning beginning at 6 am. Once there, you can take a raft into the river to the base of the falls and you’ll most likely see Chinese tourists doing the same thing coming from their side of the border. During the rainy season, the flow of water may be intimidating but still a sight to see. During the dry season, the water is tamer and ideal to go around and see the entire surrounding park. Other nearby attractions are the Nguom Ngao Cave, Hang Pac Bo Cave, and the Uncle Ho Museum.