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All You Need to Know about 4×4 Self-Drive Tours in Vietnam

Vietnam is studded with incredible gems that every traveller admires. Enchanting cities, the finesse of East Asian culture and it’s bond with nature undeniably exotic to the core. Through this article, we would like to share with you how you can enjoy Vietnam through a 4x4 drive tour.

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  • July 29, 2020
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Vietnam is studded with incredible gems that every traveller admires. Enchanting cities, the finesse of East Asian culture and it’s bond with nature undeniably exotic to the core. Be it the coffee plantations rolling over the hills or the rice fields and valleys intersecting small villages, we are sure Vietnam will not fail to impress you. Tourists often ask which is the best way to explore Vietnam, and with utmost pride, we have a definite answer. Of course, we are referring to 4 wheel drives, which tops our charts in one of the most unique ways to explore this beautiful country. Tourists usually flock to the Hanoi and Saigon and as a result, they miss the pristine beauty that Vietnam offers. Through this article, we would like to share with you how you can enjoy Vietnam through a 4×4 drive tour.

Let us introduce you to the nitty-gritty of taking such a trip across the countryside.

Where are these tours in Vietnam conducted?

These tours in Vietnam are multiday itineraries originating from different places. There are several loops that are operated. Major routes are as follows:

– North West Loop
– North East Loop
– Central Highlands
– Northern Loop
-Coastal Route
-International Route

These routes will be discussed in further detail below.

What vehicles are used for these tours?

These tours are purely conducted on a 4 wheel drive basis. Trucks such as Colorado, Isuzu, Toyota, Ford Ranger, Chervolet and Dmax. These vehicles are well maintained, clean, and undergo frequent checks, in order to ensure that tourists have an uninterrupted experience. Typically, one vehicle can accommodate 5 people. However, only 3 tourists can sit since the driver and the tour guide need to be accommodated as well.

Where do these tours start and end?

Typically, these tours the same departure and arrival locations. They usually start and end from major cities like Hanoi and Saigon.

How are all the practicalities dealt with during the 4×4 self-drive tour in Vietnam?

Practical arrangements mainly comprise of lodging and food. 4×4 tours in Vietnam are associated with starred hotels, decent guesthouses, and friendly homestays. At no point in time during your trip, you will ever be disappointed with the accommodation. These lodging arrangements are usually provided on double sharing basis, but certain expectations can be made depending on availability.

As far as food is concerned, local food is abundantly available everywhere. The dinners are memorable and breakfast is surplus for your needs.  The lunch is never included in the packages and tourists are free to choose what they want to eat from local restaurants.

What is the specialty of 4×4 tours in Vietnam?

As mentioned above, Vietnam hosts a huge range of natural wonders. Be it lakes, hills, fields or the gorgeous valleys, tourists enjoy these sites. 4×4 tours are curated to cover these natural highlights. They are designed to give urban tourists a new perspective about Vietnamese culture and off-beat travel. Each of the routes mentioned above has a specialty.

North-west loop: The North-west loop is a mountainous stretch of land stretching from Hanoi, all the way to Ban Ho and Sa Pa. It involves a jolting drive across the hilly terrain through many passes, terraced rice fields, and valleys.

North-east loop: The North Eastern loop is hilly as well. It is less explored, hence less exploited. Comprising of lakes, viewpoints, and the scenic locations, this is the perfect route for photography enthusiasts. Get ready to drench in the waterfalls.

Northern Loop: The Northern Loop is an amalgamation of both North Western and North Eastern Circuits. It takes at least 13 days to complete this tour and is great for travellers who wish to explore different subcultures within Vietnam.

Central Highlands: A volcanic lake, a battlefield, and wooden churches there is a lot of diverse things to see in the Central Highlands. From Pagodas to rivers don’t be shocked to cover a wide range of things during this tour.

Coastal Route: Undoubtedly, the coastal route in Vietnam is nothing less than a paradise for water lovers. This tour is a mix of recreation and adventure along the coasts and bays of Vietnam. You can take boat trips to a nearby island, or decide to relax in the comfort of your hotel.

International Route: What is better than crossing boundaries aboard a 4×4. Travel across Vietnam and Laos and get to know about two countries, two distinct landscapes and a multitude of cultures.

Self Drive vs with Driver, which is a better option?

Both options are actively available to tourists. Foreigners cannot drive a vehicle in Vietnam unless they have an International Driving Permit. Modern navigation systems have made it possible to conduct a self-driving tour without any hassles. However, we would still recommend you to hire a driver since traffic in Vietnam highly disorganised and it can be difficult for some drivers hailing from western countries to adapt. The hilly regions can be dangerous to drive due to unexpected turns and low visibility.

How much do these tours cost?

It depends on routes, level of accommodation, trip length as well as chosen 4×4 vehicle for your tour.

How to book these tours?

We provide our guests with a full-fledged booking channel. Through us, you can be assured of the best rates. Click the Enquiry form and your personal travel consultant will get back within 12 hours.

BONUS! Know about exclusive motorbike tours

4×4 rides have their charm, but riding a motorbike in Vietnam is surely a unique experience. These tours take place on the same routes, but offer a completely different experience. Submerge yourself in the Vietnamese landscape by taking one of the motorbike tours.

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