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Superb organisation throughout


Country of residence: United Kingdom

Review date: February 20, 2018
Tour name: Vietnam and Cambodia

Superb organisation throughout. This felt like a top class high priced trip in all respects except the cost. Although it was superficially a bit more expensive than some competitors, the fact that the cost of every one (of the many) excursions was included in the price meant we got the 1st class quality at no extra cost overall.
As this was a tailored trip with many destinations through Vietnam and Cambodia, a brief summary is not so easy. But for us the highlights were the Mekong delta, Hoi An, and Siem Reap. But everywhere is different so it just depends what you like. We also loved the motorcycle pillion trip from Hue to Hoi An, even though it was a dull and cool day – our two chauffeurs, if that is the right word, were solid entertainment from start to finish.


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