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Southeast Asia Private Tour for Two


Country of residence: Germany

Review date: March 29, 2016
Tour name: Vietnam

We were pleased with Absolute Asia Travel right from our first contact. We expressed our interest through and within 30 minutes we were on the phone with a travel agent in Vietnam. He asked us about what kind of travel we like e.g. adventurous, busy, etc., what type of accommodations we would like, and what some of the sites we were that we wanted to see or things we wanted to do. From there we had a responsive e-mail communication going back and forth to develop a customized itinerary. The agent was very attentive to detail and gave us great advice and recommendations regarding what to see and do. Within a month we had a 5-week itinerary individually designed for us. In addition, the travel agent was tremendously helpful with providing us with information and assistance for the required travel visas.
The trip itself went extremely smoothly. We felt totally encompassed and cared for. Every driver and guide were punctual and attentive. The drivers were excellent. The guides were all personable, respectful, and very welled versed in the culture, politics, history, etc. of their countries. When days included lunch, the meals were delicious and traditional to the area we were travelling in. Several times during the trip, while we were being driven from the airport to our hotel, the travel agent we had worked with would call the guide so we could have a telephone conversation with the travel agent about how things were going so far. We had 8 flights in southeast Asia and all planning was excellent such that it felt easy and very manageable.
In terms of cost, the whole trip was very reasonable particularly in light of how customized and expansive it was. We would highly recommend using Absolute Asia Travel for a trip in southeast Asia.


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