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Customer service above and beyond (Sen at Absolute Asia Travel)


Country of residence: Sweden

Review date: February 10, 2019
Tour name: Vietnam

Me and my fiancé went on a two week trip to Vietnam in September/October last year. It was based on one of the suggested tours and then customized to our interests by Sen at Absolute Asia Travel.
Sen’s help was invaluable both before the trip in the planning stages, and during the trip.

To understand what type of travel we are interested in she asked a number of detailed questions. Then she made suggestions based on our interests, and accommodated all our change requests.
She gave us multiple itineraries with accommodations at different standards, and then we could just mix and match for ourselves.
Sen also advised and helped us with the visa process, and she answered all of our questions promptly.

During the trip itself we were free to call or message her at any time if we needed any help. This was in general not needed as we were with our guides most of the time, but it is nice to know that you have that option. Sen checked in with us regularly over the course of the trip to make sure everything was alright. Most importantly she kept an eye on the weather forecast and switched our itinerary around as necessary to minimize the rain having a negative impact on our travels.

I would strongly recommend Absolute Asia Travel, and Sen especially. There is no easier and more relaxing way to plan your Asia travels.


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