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Things to do in Vietnam – A short guide to main cities

Check this not so ordinary ‘Things to do in Vietnam’ guide below and treat yourself with some pro-tips and hidden facts which no travel agent will ever tell you!

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  • July 30, 2020
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Things to Do in Vietnam – A Short Guide to Main Cities

Vietnam, popular for one of the most gruesome wars in the history of mankind, today actively welcomes more than 15 million tourists annually. The ‘S’ shaped country, today dominated by rice fields and motorbikes is incredibly fascinating for the leisure travellers. Be it the street side Bun Cha or the traditional Pho soup, the food here is unrivaled to any Michelin starred. Yes, people come here in search of history, immerse themselves in the undisturbed culture and seek rejuvenation from the hustles and bustles of the Western World.

Vietnam extraordinarily offers an endless off-beaten exploration path across beautiful metropolises, serene towns and tantalising villages. It might be a mockery for oneself to not visit this country! Wondering about things to do in Vietnam? Well, we have accumulated a concise guide to every major city that this country offers. Check this not so ordinary ‘Things to do in Vietnam’ guide below and treat yourself with some pro-tips and hidden facts which no travel agent will ever tell you!

Let’s begin with ‘Saigon’:

When it comes to places in Vietnam, Saigon tops our list. Saigon is like a canvas of modern architecture, medieval culture, and artistic charm. With gravity-defying skyline, Saigon can be enthroned as the most futuristic city in Vietnam! Today, Saigon is known as Ho Chi Minh City, named after a Vietnamese communist leader. Yet, people are still in love with the name ‘Saigon’ and are actively using it.


Ho Chi Minh City boasts of a unique fusion of Buddhist and French Architecture. Buddhist Pagodas fuel the holiness of the city in tandem to the beauty driven by Parisian buildings. Visit Vietnam’s version of the prestigious Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City. If you want to experience local commotion, make sure to pay a visit to China Town Market in the heart of the city! Indeed, it is a paradise for shop-o-holics!

Nightlife and spectacular places:

There is no better place than Saigon when it comes to nightlife. Precisely famous for its rooftop bars, Ho Chi Minh is a very open-minded city. These rooftop bars, protruding out of skyscrapers, offer a million-dollar view into the city’s night lights! Savour on some locally brewed drinks or an imported scotch, it’s your choice, but all we have got to say is that the views over the city will leave you in awe! You can also stay at one of the luxury high-rise hotels overlooking vast expanses of this urban civilization.

Other things to do in Ho Chi Minh City

Your trip to Vietnam is incomplete without visiting the tropical delta of the majestic Mekong River. There are innumerable boat tours and day trips offered from Ho Chi Minh city which provide a marvellous scenic of the Vietnamese countryside and raw culture. Watch the rice cultivators, wearing Non-La (unique hats) in action. These trips include a visit to the Vinh Trang Pagoda with a traditional lunch.

Another must-visit destination is the Cu Chi tunnel and underground fortress. For history enthusiasts, this is a perfect day trip away from the commotion of Saigon.

How about Hanoi?

Hanoi is the city that you have probably heard the most about. Hanoi is a primary gateway for international flights. Vietjet, Vietnam Airlines, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, tourists have plentiful options to arrive in the country. Be ready to be greeted by subtle urban vibe entangled with the freshness of the greenery.

Don’t be surprised to see the beautiful lakes hosting the authentic water puppet show! We recommend you to visit one of those and admire a unique experience.


 A visit to Hanoi an enriching and sensory experience. Yes, I am referring to the lip-smacking Vietnamese food! Street food dominates the 5-star restaurants, the flavorful Pho soup, Bun Cha and Xoi can easily beat the best Italian dishes! Other delights include the Chinese styled beef jerky, Gou Cuon and Banh Xeo.

Things to do in Hanoi:

The most famed Ha Long Bay is a natural wonder in itself. Crazy blue waters, clustered islands and green patches and splendid beaches! All you need for a perfect vacation. Yes, it is worth making a day trip to Halong Bay from Hanoi. You can take a multiday cruise and admire the Vietnamese luxury!

Besides, the city of Hanoi offers a variety of different activities. Biking trips are very common, as well as food tours are a norm for solo and group travellers.

Now the most fascinating part comes here

Cities in Vietnam are diverse and different. But, at the same time, they are joined by this thread called ‘motorbikes’. Yes, Vietnam has an extraordinary number of motorbikes, wiggling in every direction regardless of which part of the country you are in. This acts as a lifeline for the locals, but equally, they are of fascination for western tourists. Motorbikes are now deeply ingrained in Vietnamese culture and give an insight into a unique culture to the tourists. The miraculous number of these automobiles, do create some commotion, but after even this commotion is part and parcel of tourist experiences.

Secondly, we cannot ignore the Vietnamese Dong, an overwhelmingly undervalued affair, offering just too many affordable things at low prices for western tourists.

Nonetheless, Vietnam is adjourned with real jewels, bringing culture, heritage, and modernization together. Next time when you plan a trip to Paris or Newyork, just think about countries like Vietnam for a moment. They do exist, and they have an unparalleled charm!

What if you are on a budget?

Vietnam has been fascinating solo travelers and backpackers with its pocket-friendly currency ‘dong’. [T2] One can fetch things for a miniscule amount when in Vietnamese cities. For budget travelers, Vietnam offers a wide range of things to do, when on a budget. Did you know that one dollar in Vietnam can fetch you a full-fledged scrumptious meal?

Moreover, there are various tours offered tailored for backpackers! For example – The 4am food tour offered for early risers and foodies on a budget! To sum it all, Vietnam can be a heaven for both budget travelers.

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