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Ninh Thuan


Not much has been written about Ninh Thuan, maybe because it is Vietnam’s newest province, splitting away from Binh Thuan in the south and Khanh Hoa in the north in 1993 so with even locals not knowing that it is now its province, travelers will find a hidden gem of a location that offers so much more tranquility but an equal amount of beauty compared to neighboring Nha Trang. The best way to reach Ninh Thuan is ironically via the Nha Trang Airport which is closer to the capital city of Phan Rang than it is to Nha Trang. Trains are an excellent choice as well due to the proximity of the station to the city. Be prepared though as Ninh Thuan is known to be the hottest province in Vietnam and qualifies as one of the rare Mediterranean climates in Southeast Asia.

The province’s main attraction is in Phan Rang, the Ninh Chu Bay which is considered as one of the top ten beaches in Vietnam. Ninh Chu Bay, specifically the My Hoa Lagoon, is also a major site for kite surfing because of its ideal wind conditions. Meanwhile, avid surfers could find the best waves in the Nui Chua Natural Park with its numerous point breaks. If you’re up for some in-land adventures, you can trek the Nui Chua mountain ranges and see the different facets of lives that the locals here live. Other worthy sites to visit are the Po Klong Garai Cham Tower, Po Re Me Temple, and the Quang Truong Thanh Pho Phan Rang-Thap Cham Ninh Thuan War Monument.