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Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park


In the heart of central Vietnam is an adventurer’s playground called Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park (Phong Nha). It was designated a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2003 and was recently featured as the filming location of Hollywood blockbuster, Kong: Skull Island. So, the place is slowly booming and with the opening of Danang Airport, the tourist trajectory can only be seen as going upwards. The National Park contains the oldest karst mountains in Asia, formed roughly 400 million years ago and millions of years of flooding have chiseled out the world’s largest caves, the Son Doong Cave which also serves as its main attraction, among many other beautiful features. For the most part, travelers can enjoy hiking trails, countryside trails ideal for biking, and rivers perfect for kayaking.

If one wants to experience Phong Nha in all its glory, try to avoid going from October to November as it is its wettest season, so erosion and flooding are common thus prohibiting access to many of the caves. The Son Doong Cave is the main cave, on that is so big that it even has an underground jungle. Other well-known caves are the Hang En, Tien Son, Thien Dong (Paradise), Ruc Mon caves, and the Tu Lan Cave System. If you’re all “caved-out”, you can choose to do the Nuoc Mooc Spring Eco-Trail but to enjoy it completely, it’s recommended to book a tour and guide with a reputable travel company as it may be difficult to get to certain locations even with your best haggling and motorbike navigational skills. But once that is settled, put on your best-hiking boots and be prepared for an amazing adventure.