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Legend Halong

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Accommodation category: Overnight Cruises
Address: tuan chau port
No. of rooms: 1

To escape the mass tourism in Halong Bay, Legend Halong private cruises were born as a way of seeking for the intimate connection between travellers and the destination. They vary from 1 to 3 cabins each boat. Based on the scale, you’ll know instantly that how personalized your experience can be on these cruises. From where to stop, what to do to your dining preferences, even the décor can be customized to your theme.


Whether it’s only 1 or 3 cabins, each is tastefully furnished with luxurious hand-made interiors which will leave you in awe of an impeccable blend of Asian artistry and modern touches. And each features its own private balcony, a giant one to allow the glorious views of Halong Bay. Other onboard facilities such as a restaurant, a bar and a sundeck give you the sense of subtle elegance. Every little details is just on point, no redundancy since it’s tailor-made to whatever you might need. In addition, the Butler service is around the clock as the last piece to complete you once in a lifetime voyage in Halong Bay.