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Au Co Luxury Cruise

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Accommodation category: Overnight Cruises
Address: Ngọc Châu, Tuần Châu, Thành phố Hạ Long, Quảng Ninh, Vietnam
No. of rooms: 32

This first-class vessel is considered a floating luxury hotel which will offer all facilities such as a fine dining restaurant, a spa and Jacuzzi, a library…


The interior design will catch your eyes right away as it’s bright and contemporary yet charming and comfy with handcrafted furniture and warm tones. 32 cabins varies in different types of rooms. The most amazing ones must be Au Co Suite and Long Quan Suite which both are favorably positioned for the best view you could ask for in this magnificent heaven on earth. However, the rest of them are also wonderful as they all feature floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors and private balconies to fully appreciate your destination.


Take time to sample their various selection of tasteful beverages at the terrace and sundeck bars while marveling at the sunset on the bay. In the evening, the bar turns to an open air theater for all classic movie lovers. Another nice touch is the exclusive dance which is offered during your dining time to unravel the story of Vietnamese people origin. Apart from an engaging on-board life with Taichi, art shows…, your off-board adventure will be trekking, kayaking and lots of time getting to know this world-famous wonder.