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A complete guidance to Golden Bridge

Where is the Golden Bridge?

It is a 20 minutes drive from Da Nang city center or 1 hour from Hoi An ancient town and straight forward to get to.

How to get there?

When you arrive at the Ba Na hill foot, buy a ticket and board on the cable car to get to the Golden Bridge.

What’s in Ba Na Hills admission ticket?

Price:             – For adults      : 750,000 VND/ 1 pax

                        – For kids         : 600,000 VND/1 pax


Transfers by cable car

Golden Bridge

Most games in Fantasy Park

Family Entertainment Center (FEC)

Linh Phong Tu Tower

Debay Wine Cellar

French Village

Le Jardin D’Amour

Tombstone Temple

Ba Shrine


Alpine Coaster


Entry to the Wax Museum: VND 100,000/grown-up

5D movies

Fantasy Park indoor sports

Take a peek at the Golden Bridge

The bridge is the latest addition to Sun World’s Ba Na Hills. What attracts most visitors is obviously the unique architecture which replicates giant hands holding the 150 metre long bridge. The concept of this construction was believed to represent the God of Mountain endorsing the villages to get to Thien Thai garden where all the Gods live. In other words, it embodies the hope of humans to connect with the nature. The contrast of color accentuates the impression to another level. The gray and yellow shades drew on the background of the forest and the sunshine creates a poetic and nostalgic picture. The cracks and moss in the hands underlines the trace of time. Since its opening in June 2018, the bridge has been attracting a lot of visitors and chosen to organize a lot of big events such as “A walk on a cloud”- a national fashion voyage. Apart from that, a lot of couples come here to take their wedding photo shoots as well. Check the information before you go, there might be some events which you’re interested in.

Does timing matter?

Timing is important when it comes to a great photo shoot at the Golden Bridge. The weather is pretty unpredictable. Clouds and fogs can be interesting for your walk but quite troublesome for your photos. Another bad news is that it’s extremely difficult to get a perfect shot with no one on the background like some pictures you often see on other’s Instagram. It’s not an overstatement to say that it’s one of the most crowded destinations in Vietnam. Hence, the best solution is catching the first cable car at 7AM. Then let your photos prove that’s a good call.

Staying overnight?

For travelers who would love to spend a little longer in this wonderful place: The Mercure French Village located at the heart of Ba Na Hills which is a short cable car away from the Golden Bridge. Plenty of choices for restaurants are available around the hotel as well.

Other tips for travel to the Golden Bridge in Vietnam:

  • The first cable car leaves at 7 AM and the last one leaves at 9 PM.
  • The peak tourism season for Ba Na Hills is from April to September.
  • People normally spend the whole day to fully discover Ba Na Hills.
  • For only golden bridge, you need at least half a day for photos and exploration.
  • Bring a light jacket and rain poncho as it’s much cooler and raining from time to time on the top.

We hope you find this guidance helpful. If you’re still undecided, talk to our experts. They certainly are able to help by adding half a day for Golden Bridge or a full day of Ba Na Hills exploration to our Vietnam Top to Tails Journey.

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